Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion Magazine, Cereal Ad

This is one of the first projects we did in our 4th semester of school. We had to create an Advertisement for a children's cereal we did earlier in the year, but had to change the target audience to an older crowed. I choose to target my Ad toward a fashion magazine reader. I incorporated the cereal by referencing the name in the catch phrase and the "audience" is the cereal peaces.

Step 1:
I started with my rough pencil sketch. I had to play around with a few idea's but this is the final pencil sketch i decided to go with. I thought there was a good flow to the composition.

Step 2 :

Colored comp. The great thing with this project is that we got to work in our choice of medium.
I decided to go use pencil crayons for the colored comp. It was quick and effective.

Step 3:
The Final
I choose to finish this peace of in photoshop. I used the Brush tools to repaint it digitally.

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